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Why we believe in GERONIMO

Have you ever come across the expression “Geronimo”? Maybe from reading a book, watching an American film, or jumping out of a perfectly good airplane?

Geronimo was an Apache chief. For years he made a laughingstock of the American army and evaded many attempts of capture until he voluntarily surrendered in 1886. The most famous of his many narrow escapes was at Medicine Bluff in Oklahoma where he literally jumped off a cliff into the river below (still sitting on his horse), making a spectacular escape.

Maybe even more famously, the 501st American Parachute Infantry Regiment took up the habit of yelling “Geronimo” when they leapt out of DC3 airplanes during World War II.

Thus, “Geronimo” has become a metaphor for “DAREing,” be it physically or metaphorically.

On this day – challenge yourself to dare. Dare to do the extraordinary, the original and even the scary. Make a difference. Create positive impact.

Why? Because a paradigm shift is needed. We need to move forward and not let past experiences limit us. Do we strive for happy or just content? For mainstream acceptance or originality? For good or for great?

You know the answer to the last question: Great! All too often we settle for good. It is easier. It doesn’t demand that much from us. No one will criticize us for it. We won’t have to risk becoming a failure and – paradoxically – we won’t have to risk becoming a success either.

Most of us are neither parachute-soldiers nor Apache, but in the spirit of Geronimo we should be throwing ourselves into the unknown everyday. Jump! That’s what we try to do here each day at the Mansion. We DARE our job, our life, and the World to be great. We persistently challenge the ordinary, insist on making a difference, and make change happen! With that in mind we welcome you to DARE2mansion and invite you to join us.


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