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Always say yes to Transformational Experiences

This past week we held auditions for the STARTUP BUZZ. We can still feel the energy in the air! The enthusiasm of the 50 outstanding candidates who were invited to the #KaospilotHive Aarhus and #DARE2mansion Copenhagen auditions was truly intoxicating. They wowed us with their passion and endurance.

The STARTUP BUZZ auditions are set-up to give candidates an opportunity to show their skills, ideas, companies, and most importantly THEMSELVES before a competent jury. The day is fast-paced and a lot of fun. Working individually and in groups, potential BUZZers go through a variety of assignments, many of which force them to reflect on their business and challenge their ideas. The day is designed to be a win-win for everyone. Even if a participant doesn’t get a ticket on the bus, they should go home feeling empowered and filled with news ideas, connections, and valuable input.

This is a key takeaway for anyone interested in the STARTUP BUZZ or other transformational-like programs. If you have the opportunity to participate in something that could transform your life, do it! Grab it, run with it, and make the most out of the experience. You never know who you could meet in the process, what could spark your imagination, or make an impact on you. The potential gains outweigh the risk of putting yourself out there.

Past BUZZers like Tobias Schelle from 24Slides, Morten Stahl Pedersen from vinhandel Smagførst, and Anders Boserup Lauritsen from Monso are great examples. They all went on the STARTUP BUZZ and participated in the auditions this year as judges. They inspired the crowd by telling what the STARTUP BUZZ meant and did for them. The three spoke about how they are just realizing the full impact of their road trip now. For them, that experience turned out to be the personal journey of a lifetime. They walked away with enough input, contacts, knowledge, memories, and impressions to accelerate their business 2-3 years ahead. They also made friends for life.

The day was also set-up to test applicants ability to make a first impression, connect with different people, and to pitch. These are core skills that help all entrepreneurs’ success. By putting candidates through an intense lightning round of one-on-one interviews with each of the six judges, they had to put their best foot forward again and again. Consistency was key since each mini-interview leaves its own unique impression. For the judges and for the entrepreneur, it becomes very clear, very quickly how developed the concept of the candidate’s startup is and where there is room for improvement. Interviewees also had to work in groups where they combined all of their key competencies to make a new business that created positive impact. It’s not easy to work under pressure with a bunch of strangers who are totally different from you, but these guys managed to do it. They put what they knew to use and created something new. Collaboration trumped the ego.

At the end of the day, only twelve inspiring entrepreneurs could be granted a ticket on the STARTUP BUZZ. The next time we see these guys will be the Monday of Week 47 – November 17th, 2014. At that moment, they begin the entrepreneurial adventure of a life time and compete for the final prize of a professional advisory board, consultancy, graphic design, legal, and accounting assistance, and much, much more.

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