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Corporate Innovation

DARE2mansion is also open to corporates who are looking to tap into the startup ecosystem. This is especially important considering that 40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies are expected to die within the next 10 years. By working from DARE2mansion, corporates are able to connect with the entrepreneurial mindset and be a part of the creativity and speed of the startup world. We have seated a few members of a team to whole divisions looking to innovate on the edges of their organization away from the corporate immune system, which tends to kill disruptive ideas. 

What we offer

Corporate “X” division

Similar to Google’s X Division famous for their moonshot ideas, we can help you develop, recruit, and facilitate an autonomous X division. We also have opportunities to host divisions at the Copenhagen startup hub DARE2mansion where you can tap into an existing, thriving startup ecosystem.


We run thinkubator – a corporate incubation program that connects corporates to startups. We tap you into the innovation ecosystem, hire the right staff, find the entrepreneurs and the ideal location to focus on some of your companies greatest innovation challenges.

Corporate in Residence

Research shows that innovation and development thrives better in environments that have a high degree of diversity. Join our startup ecosystem at DARE2mansion for a few days, weeks, or months. Rubbing shoulders and sparring with people completely different from you will produce results and ideas you’d never expect.

Diversity Dinners

It’s proven that we learn the most from people who are very different from us. They think differently, have different perspectives, and different networks. Diversity dinners bring together experts from diverse industries over three courses and one theme. The goal being to engage, inspire, and connect.

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