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The Reflection Room

Relaxing and intimate, the Reflection Room can hold 1 to 4 guests and is the go-to place for one-on-one meetings. The blue theme of the room helps to invokes clarity, inspiration, and renewal. This introspective and calm ambiance makes it ideal for coaching, mentoring, feedback or other sessions that require definitive privacy and reflection.

Commonly, the Reflection Room is rented with the Festival so that attendees have a place to break out to. However, it can also be rented for teams that need to spend a day away from the office hashing out a great idea and making it happen. Rental of the room comes with coffee, tea and water to make sure you stay bright eyed and hydrated.

This room includes:

  • Organic coffee, tea, and water
  • Set up and clean up
  • Projector
  • Writing materials
  • Microphone and speakers
We can also provide:

  • Brainfood
  • Event design and facilitation 
  • Keynotes
  • LEGO Serious Play workshops
  • Pop up X divisions

How to book

For a price quote or to get more information about how we can meet your event needs,
send us an e-mail or give us a call.  We can’t wait to work with you!

The Reflection Room is often rented with:


The Festival

Our most popular room, The Festival is ideal for workshops and intimate speaker events. Includes access to a lounge, LEGO, Superhero, and Reflection rooms.

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Lego Room

The LEGO Room

Ideal for small meetings, the LEGO Room is bright and colorful. The big whiteboard and LEGO wall are perfect for stimulating conversation and sparking creativity.

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Superhero Room

This room is designed to tap your superpowers. There’s a giant white board for big thinking and all kinds of memorabilia to trigger your inner superhero.

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